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It's been a while since I have posted anything. Perhaps long enough that no one is reading anymore, so it goes. But I wanted to shout in the dark one more time.... It is time

I don't know how many of you follow current events closely esp now that they seem to be on replay of the same shit always...... But it is getting that much worse....

How did we get here? How did we get to the point that instead of the free world becoming a utopia of ever increasing knowledge and diversity it is rapidly descending into a dystopia defined by hatred and ignorance? I don't need to debate bullshit that the alt right is peddling to manufacture consent... It's not like Democrat or Republican actually fucking mean anything...

What does mean something is that multinational corporations and billionaires have been allowed to convince us that our enemy is a little brown man harvesting vegetable on a farm for 45¢ a bushel. Or a refugee family from a war-torn shithole our own nations have been bombing for the last few years.... How stupid are we? how gullible, uneducated, easily fucking goaded into believing lies and acting out of violence? when the really enemy of prosperity and peace is sitting behind a big wooden desk rubbing their hands together at our disunity and controllability....

I guarantee you there is not one of those assholes in the White House or Parliament Hill that gives a fuck about you, whether you live or die. the only value you have to any of them is as a resource, the same value as a tree in a stand of timber, or a barrel of oil. You work for them, produce for them, you live and die for them. all the little dreams and fantasies you have of making it, they have given you so you would continue to produce.... And when you are sick they take whatever you have left  place it in their coffers as they promise you cures/extended life through their corporate medicine... Your worth almost as much sick as you are as a working resource (now they get to take it all back).....

We have all been played, our entire lives. We don't even know what we want, they told us what we wanted, and we believe it to be true... And now we are willing to kill, harm, and subjugate those they tell us are taking what we want away...

Please wake up.... It is time.....

I could ramble on about human genetics and our species being one of the least genetically diverse species on the planet due to past genetic bottle necks... but really what that means is we are all the fucking same!
Skin colour,
it doesn't fucking mean anything... At some point in the last 100,000 or so years we were all part of a very small population of homo-sapiens that survived a near extinction event .... So why the fuck are we so determined to concentrate on the physical and philosophical differences between us? Divide and conquer. Amazing tribalism's oldest propaganda tool has such a grand hold of our psyche. is so effective in getting us to comply and do the bidding of kings, even if it is against what is ultimately in our best interest...

It is time...

With the information age I always hoped a greater enlightenment would take hold. the access to information and the knowledge of our greatest human thinkers is unprecedented, our ability to connect and understand the concepts and cultures across the planet unimaginable only decades before. no longer are we small ignorant tribes isolated by geography. we finally can be a human village, instead of fragmented warring tribes. So why hasn't that happened? why instead has our technology simply become another tool for kings to pilfer our resource and peddle their desires? why has it become a new medium in which for us to voice our hatred? reinforce our own beliefs by only reading information with self confirming bias? There are forces controlling what we have access to, what is being fed to us on our news feeds... but why are we not questioning these transparent doctrines we are spoon fed? surely I can not be the only one that questions everything I read? the validity sources and intended purpose? Surely I can not be the only one that recognises when my browsing history and new feed preferences are being used to tailor content, to illicit emotive responses that cloud rational analysis?

We are not taught ration critical thinking skills in school for a reason, but most of us still have them. is it intellectual laziness that prevents the majority from using them? or is it the fear doctrine that we have been cultivated in over a lifetime?  fear of change,  fear of responsibility, fear of the unknown alternatives to what we have now.....

Things can indeed be far better then they are now, but that is not going to come from the actions of a elected leader within the current construct of corporate capitalist government.... Their goals are only what best suites themselves and furthering their control and your compliance, furthering their share in your resource.... they are not going to improve the quality of your life, your children's lives, only your productivity with whatever slight of hand and mouth persuades you...

It is time

Alternative facts and Post-truth politics

The level of corruption and incompetence is more transparent than it has been in sometime. The use of the media as a method of redesigning what is truth has never been so prolific and so easily identified, and yet it is dividing the masses and distracting them far more effectively than it ever has... one can not help but refer back to nazi germany ....

Are we on the precipice of a downward spiral into the type of dystopian society born of nightmares had by orwell and huxely?

I think we have been living those nightmares for quiet sometime.. But as world resources shrink, populations grow, as climate change, ocean acidification, and all the other unnatural forces of our own making bear-down upon us, things are going to be much worse than even orwell could have imagined... leaders who want to maintain their power, lifestyle, and that of the rich are going to guarantee it. And by setting us against each other we are losing sight of our future and the possibility of reclaiming it for our children.

It is time to face the real enemy, it is time to change the world, save the world, save ourselves and all those things we love. To make this world not only sustainable but liveable. we have it in our ability, we have it within our grasp.. But if we continue to allow these men to lead us for their own benefit, to lie and undermine our intelligence and our possibilities...

We can not...

It is time to get off your ass, get out there and make the world what it should be.

Fight the real enemy!

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