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Tonight I go to sleep with the sweet smell of smoke haunting the air. Ever so faint, enough so that I wonder if I am indeed just imagining it..... But no it's there. Is it drifting all the way here from the north of the province that is bathed in flames just as Alberta is? Hard to imagine the smell of torched needles and Moss making it on the wind from so far away. Perhaps there is just so much smoke that the atmosphere has become saturated enough that its perfume reached across hundreds of kilometers just to visit my nostrils.... I can't be certain but I don't think that to be true.

The temperature has been climbing rapidly up the thermometer for  weeks. Erratically interspersed with a few cold days but when the sun shines it has been shattering records since the beginning of April... 3 weeks ago the rains stopped like someone turned off the taps. And now we head into completely freakish territory with heat like I have never experienced this early in the year in my life. Today was 32 degrees Celsius, yesterday was 29. This is the first week of may. 5 years ago it was not anomalous that there was still patches of snow in the shade of my trees.

The past 4 winters haven't really been winter and the past 2 years spring has ceased to exist it is summer at the beginning of April, or as I like to now call it the dry.... We have "the wet" and we have "the dry"... We have the hot and we have less hot.... Spring summer fall winter they mean nothing anymore. Last October it was 25 degrees a few days before Halloween ( remember I am in celcius) we touched 30 for the first time this year the second week of April....

This year is a horror for us here in the North. Last 2 years have been bad but I fear this year we will equal Siberia in the breadth and scope of our burning. Fort Mac and fort St John are only the beginning, and what a beginning it is. And yes the irony of fort Mac is not wasted on my foul breath, but I will save that for whispered curses during the evening news. And I won't venture to much arrogance because that very well could end up being me uploading my terror on to YouTube in the coming month's.. .

There is a fire burning somewhere in my woods tonight. Slight chance of sky water Sunday so it is probably not going to consume us this time. There is some moisture still in the ground. But when the heat returns on Monday and if this is truly the dry we are now in then it won't be long.....

we will walk a burning world

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