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I keep hearing this crap about engaging the right, that is the liberals fault for not listening and not allowing the right to have open dialog that had brought us here.....

Having just escaped from one of Canada's many far right leaning small communities i have to ask if any of these critics, these self-anointed intellectuals, that have it all figured out have actually attempted to "engage" the conservative far right that overwhelmingly dominates rural north America?

How do you thoughtfully engage someone who thinks (as well as openly expresses) that all first Nations are drunk and lazy? How do you politely respond to people who say who gives a fuck about the environment I will be dead before anything bad happens? How do you change the mind of someone who when they find out your partner is Japanese they pull their eyes slanted and make cartoon Chinese gibberish noises. (Far worse happens everyday in these places, one only need to pay attention to all the many cases of violence against minorities in rural north America)

How do you think that by debating the local rcmp, when they arrest almost daily  young indigenous men who suffer from severe disabilities for being under the influence when half the white community is driving around pissed by noon, you're going to change anything?

Where do you think your intellect is going to get you in a place where even though first Nations make up at least one fifth the population there is only 3 indigenous people who have been able to find employment in the entire community.... Where a majority of people support trump because they are members of a cult-like religion and would vote for him just based on the fact that he said he'd ban abortion. That they excuse every other horrible woman-hating, immigrant-hating remark or pledge simply because they are pro life.....

These people didn't voice support for trump because they are disenfranchised, feel like they aren't being heard, etc. They support him because  they are filled with hatred, fear and ignorance....

A direct quote I heard more times than I care to acknowledge: "he says what we think".....

These are fucking Canadians dancing around with glee that now the most powerful nation is going to be lead by someone who "says what they think".

I know there are "good" people, and I am fortunate I know some of these good people. And I'd like to think that there will always be good people that can think their way outside boxes and labels and injustices.

But something I cannot, you cannot and we cannot ignore is the fact that at least 50% of humanity are not good people, and are easily lead ,guided and propelled to violence and hatred. Hatred and Violence do not deserve a voice, there is no "right" to commit injustice, to incite ignorance, to harm others...

I will not simply go on with my life as usual and pretend everything will pass. The fact that the supporters of this man now feel they have the power to enforce their opinions is not just a source of shame and fear but it is an affront to anything and everything that our species should be, could be. To admit defeat to the types of opinions and beliefs that has stained human history for the last 10,000 years or more. To revert to the tribalism or allow our fellow man to do so is to allow the disintegration of the only things that make humanity worth being a part of.

It is not trump himself that I rage against, he is just one more billionaire narcissistic megalomaniac idiot. On his own he cannot do anymore damage to anything than all of his ilk current and past. No, it is his supporters and power base that are the threat, the worry, the danger.... The power he has given them that they have given themselves, that we have allowed them to have... In that case those who blame the liberals are correct in that humanity has been far too tolerant of ignorance and hatred. It's not that the far religious right hasn't been given enough voice, its that they were ever allowed to have a voice at all....

I will rage, I will fight and not because I think there is any hope of a better world, or decency and equality will ever win. But because it is a battle worth fighting, because human progression out of instinctual tribalism is necessary. Anything else is simply history on constant replay and it will result not only in our extinction but perhaps of everything.

Do not underestimate the power of hatred. Do not let down your guard or your passion for equity, for knowledge. Do not be a bystander to de-evolution do not let un-enlightenment be the motto of the new age... If there is to be a future it is in the hands of those that fight against tyranny and hatred. Fight for it! You may not have children whose lives are now in your hand but certainly you don't want to be the one responsible for your apathy playing a part in their murder...

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